Partaking in the Miracle of Human Flight

As often happens, my travel day today left me with a “story”. My flight out of Toronto was delayed by a couple of hours and so I missed my connection in Atlanta and am waiting here to get the next flight to San Salvador tomorrow. The flight attendants were very helpful, the airline was very apologetic, and they’ve put me up in a hotel tonight with vouchers for meals. An inconvenience but not too bad really.

The two hour wait on the tarmac gave me good opportunity to observe the alternative reactions of some of my fellow passengers. Some just tried to go to sleep (it was 6am), some stopped the flight attendants repeatedly to ask for detailed updates, and some yelled and swore about the injustice of it all. They’d pick up their cell phones and call their friends to tell them about their outrage at the extra couple of hours it would take them to get to their all inclusive resorts. Could they believe that the crew had actually had the nerve to turn around and take us back over to the gate when a warning light came on?! Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

The experience reminded me of the musings of comedian Louis CK, who explains that we live in a time where “everything is amazing and nobody is happy” and how we should really keep in mind that crossing North America used to take decades! If you haven’t seen it, I think it’s worth the watch:

I was reminded too of my late grandmother’s response when asked how it was that she always seemed to be in a cheery mood: “because I CHOOSE to be.”

Tomorrow: San Salvador…or whatever life throws at me.

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3 Responses to Partaking in the Miracle of Human Flight

  1. Beth says:

    Great post Kailea!! I love that Louis CK clip too. I’m so excited you’re going back to San Salvador and keeping a blog, I will be reading for sure! Have a great trip!

  2. Jess says:

    Ok guys seriously, 9 years, you’re killing me! I want to go back! For now, I shall live vicariously through Kailea šŸ™‚

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