For the love of vegetables…

“If you tickle the earth with a hoe she laughs with a harvest.”
– Douglas William Jerrold

One of my little ironies is that, while I’m studying planning as a profession, I have a tendency not to want to plan my own life out too far in advance. Recognizing this about myself (and also recognizing that graduation is once again on the horizon) I’ve been spending part of my time in El Salvador making a concentrated effort to consider my next steps. After plenty of mulling, consulting, and pro/con list-making, I’ve accepted a position at Ignatius Farm in Guelph as the Senior Education Intern.

Ignatius Farm

The position runs from the time I get back to Canada at the end of next month, straight through to the end of the season in November. I’ll be working down in the dirt but also organizing educational programming on the farm for the other interns, CSA members and the public. I’m psyched about the job and think it’ll be a beautiful place to live, work, and finish up my research paper while I consider what comes next.

I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to spend another season on a farm, building up knowledge and a skill set that I hope to keep working on as long as I’m kickin’ about. Because the thing about it is…wherever you go and whatever you do, food matters.

Tomato love in Arada Vieja

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